MJM Hair and Hair Extensions

Instant long hair.
With the unique quality of Racoon extensions - matched, blended and bonded with loving care by MJM.

The luxury of that extra length - with all its tempting possibilities for highlighting and volumising. From the comprehensive Racoon stocks of quality natural hair in all shades, lengths and textures, with individual matching if preferred. Expertly bonded to your own hair by the unique Racoon method, equally gentle on application or on removal. Easy to re-process too - carefully washed and dried for your further use.

Check out partial or spot extensions, and many other exciting options of the Racoon service, all based on 100% natural human hair sourced from ethically-approved suppliers worldwide.

An extension to your hair is an extension to yourself. So you want the best or nothing - Racoon quality, delivered with the dedicated skill and passion of the experienced MJM salon team.