MJM Hair and Styling

No two faces are the same.
Thatís why no two haircuts are the same At MJM.

Style comes from within.

At MJM, we study your features with care before designing a cut specially for you. Style-of-the-month is not for us. Personalisation is all we know. So your salon visit is more like a professional consultation. You wonít hear too much talk of beehives, bobs or dreadlocks, even though we may create something resembling them. (In fact, we can claim to have initiated quite a few of todayís trends and techniques.) Nor do we expect to repeat the same cut every visit. Our expertise is constantly updated by the fashion media and the big shows, so weíre always ready with new ideas for your next makeover.

Thatís why so many of our clients, including many celebrities, come back to us year after year. Perhaps you will.